Pooya Skinfold Caliper

Precision:0.5 mm

Price: US$ 20.00

Pooya Skinfold Caliperدستگاه چربی سنج پویا (کالیپر)   

The skinfold method of measuring body fat is a practical, economical, and administratively feasible field technique for body composition analysis. It involves measuring the skinfold (subcutaneous fat) thickness at specific sites of the body.


Private and Personal

It's the easiest way to measure your own body fat percentage at home. You can wash it for personal hygiene.

Costs less than any other calliper
or fat analyzer device.

Avoid the inconvenience, time, fees, and lack of privacy of a body fat test at a clinic.

Most of the calipers have 1-2 mm precision but this caliper has the highest precision (0.5 mm)

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